What is OCEP?

The vision for the Olympic Culture & Education Program (OCEP)
is to educate youth through sporting and cultural exchange.
OCEP forms an integral component of Baku 2019 EYOF, and will
provide a memorable and inspiring experience for all
Specially formulated for the youth, the OCEP is intended to
engage and inspire them to be true champions, to adopt and
live by Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect,
and to play active roles in their communities.

Facilitate and promote sporting and cultural exchange among member countries, as
well as enhance education on Olympic values FOR and WITH young people.

• In a total of 50 schools from Azerbaijan are engaged in an exciting programme
promoting sport as a key element in enlightening on sport, cultural exchange and
enhancing cooperation between young people of member countries;
• Youth across the world add their voices to the mix via OCEP 2019 social media –
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram developing better reference points for
others on sport and culture;
• Cooperation among the NOCs from member countries is strengthened by opening
new horizons for joint events and projects before and after the Festival;
• Increased knowledge about the Olympic Agenda 2020.