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Country Fact Sheet:  Greece is located in southeastern Europe and is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The country's largest city and capital is Athens. The official language is Greek. Greece ranks number 85 in the list of world countries with a population over 11 million.

Education and Culture: In Greece, education is tuition-free and compulsory for pupils from the age of 6 to 16. Ancient Greeks have a significant role in contributing to science. It is no coincidence that all 7 wise men of the ancient world are Greeks. The earliest examples of literature, philosophy, architecture, music, dance, and theatre were created in Greece as well. Zorbas and Sirtaki are the well-known dance types of Greek origin.  

Sports: Greece is considered to be the homeland of the Olympic Games. Both the ancient Olympics and modern Olympic Games were first held in Greece. The capital city of Greece - Athens has hosted two Summer Olympic Games. The motto of the Games was as follows: "Return to Olympic Homeland". The most popular types of sport in Greece are football and basketball. Greece has won the Basketball Championship twice and European Football Championship once.


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