San Marino

Twinned schools

Lyceum named after Zarifa Aliyeva

Country Fact Sheet: Located in the south of Europe. It is one of the smallest states in the world. The capital is San Marino and the largest city is Dogana. The official language is Italian. It is ranked 215th in the world ranking with 33 thousand inhabitants.

Education and culture: San Marino education system is influenced by the Italian education system. Education at the International Academy of Science in San Marino is conducted in Esperanto. San Marino's 3 towers are located in Monte Titano.

Sports: The most popular sport in San Marino is football, followed by volleyball and handball.

By 2007, one of the stages of the Formula 1 races was held in San Marino.

San Marino made a debut on the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Attending both at the  Summer Olympics (12times) and at the Winter Olympics (7 times), San Marino has not won any medals yet.

Lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva sends their kindest regards to all the participants of OCEP 2019.
The Lyceum is one of the active participants of the Olympic culture.
The Lyceum's 9-R2 grade student, Sara Aydamirova, has been engaged in fencing since 2014. Her first success was during the 2014 Republic Championship among Youth, when she managed to get 3rd place. In 2018 she ranked first in the Republic Championship.
It's worth noting that within OCEP 2019, the Lyceum has started cooperating with San Marino.

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