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Country Fact Sheet: It is located in Western Europe, on the shores of the North Sea. The largest city and capital is Amsterdam. The official language is the Dutch language. It is 64th in the world ranking with a population of 17 million.

Education and culture: Education is compulsory for children aged 5-16. All children go to preschool educational institutions from the age of 4.

The Dutch culture is famous all over the world with its artists. Artists such as Rembrandt Van Reyn, Jan Vermeer, Yan Sten, Van Gogh, Morris Asher and Piet Mondrian are the only Dutch culture.

The Netherlands is also home to philosophers such as Rotterdam Erasmus and Benedictine Spinoza.

Sports: Football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. Field hockey and volleyball are the most popular types of sports.

The Netherlands has made an Olympic debut in the 1900 Paris Summer Olympic Games. Swimming, cycling and equestrian are the most successful sports in the Netherlands. There are 415 medals, including 130 gold, 136 silver and 149 bronze medals in the Netherlands.




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