Twinned schools

School № 242

Country Fact Sheet: it is an island state in the Mediterranean Sea. The largest city and capital is Valletta. The official language is Maltese and English. With a population of 475,000, it is 171st in the world rankings.

Education and culture: In Malta primary and secondary education is compulsory. The Maltese education system is based on the British model. Elementary education is 6 years. Then, with the exams, you can go to secondary school.

The major representatives of Maltese literature are Ruzar Briffa, Karl Shabri and Karmenu Vassallo.

The influence of religion on Maltese culture is very great. The "Happy Week" festival is being held in Malta.

Sports: Malta has taken part in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. There are no Olympic medals in the 16 Olympic Games.

Excitement, competitive spirit, and joy!
We have experienced all these emotions thanks to School № 242 that was earlier twinned with Malta.
Have a look at the photos and take a chance to plunge into the school atmosphere.

Phone: (+994) 376-25-94


Address: Nakhchivanski Street 26