Twinned schools

School № 44

Country Fact Sheet: It is located in Central Europe. The capital city Vaduz, the largest city is the city of Schaan. The official language is the German language. It has a population of 38,000 and ranks 190th in the world ranking.

Education and culture: Literacy ability of the population is 100% in Liechtenstein. There are 4 universities in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein has two museums: Kunstmuseum and the National Museum, the largest museum.

The most famous historical monuments are the remains of the Vadus Tower, the Gutenberg Castle, the Red House, and the Shelburne.

Music and theater are the most important areas of Liechtenstein culture.

Sports: The most popular sport in Liechtenstein is football. Liechtenstein teams play in the Swiss league.

Liechtenstein first participated in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympic Games.

Liechtenstein athletes are more successful at the Winter Olympics. All medals in Liechtenstein's asset have been won in mountain-skiing. Liechtenstein is the country with the least populace and the smallest country in the Olympic Games.

Olympic Culture and Education Program has been presented to students at the Secondary School № 44 that cooperates with Liechtenstein within the project. Before the presentation, a team of specific students had been created. The team members consist of talented students including painters, sportspeople, musicians, programmers, and others. The purpose of creating a team is to promote culture and sports, as well as the Olympic movement among schoolchildren.

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