Twinned schools

Zagreb Sport GymnasiumSchool № 177

Country Fact Sheet: It is located in the southern part of central Europe, partly west of the Balkan Peninsula. The capital and largest city is Zagreb. The official language is Croatian. It is ranked 129th in the world ranking with a population of 4 million.

Education and culture: Education in Croatia begins at the age of 6-7 and lasts for eight years. Later, students can continue their education in a gymnasium or vocational schools. 98.1% of Croatia's population has literacy capability.

The most famous representatives of Croatian literature are Marco Marulich, Ivan Qundulić, Marin Drzic, Ivan Mazuranić and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric. The cuisine of Croatia is influenced by Austria, Hungary and Turkey.

Sports: There are over 400,000 active athletes in Croatia. After gaining independence, Croatia took part in all the Olympic Games. He won 33 medals in the Summer Olympics and 11 medals at the Winter Olympics.

Croatian athletes are more successful in light athletics, handball and shooting sports.


Phone: (+ 994 496-28-37)


Address: Shikhaliyev Street 13

Address: Selska cesta 119, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Contact person: Lucija Zadelj, psychologist