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Country Fact Sheet:  Denmark is located in the north of Europe, on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Copenhagen. The official language is Danish. The population of the Kingdom of Denmark is 5.7 million, and it ranks number 115 in the list of countries.

Education and culture: All education programs are defined by the Ministry of Education. Schools known as Folkeskole, are intended for students from the age of 6 to 16. After graduating from Folkeskole, the students are preparing for higher education institutions. In many educational institutions, lessons are taught in English. Ancient Scandinavian customs have considerably influenced Danish culture. Scholars such as Ludwig Kolding, Tyge Brahe, and Niels Bohr are of Danish ethnicity. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales are well known all over the world as great examples of children's favourite books. Denmark has taken the trophy three times in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sports: Due to the climate, the most popular sport in the country, after football, is hockey. Denmark is the winner of the 1992 European Football Championship. The Kingdom of Denmark is one of the first participating countries in the Olympic Games. Sailing boats, cycling, handball, and rowing are the most successful sports in Denmark.

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