Bosnia and Herzegovina

Twinned schools

School-Lyceum № 49

Country Fact Sheet: Located in Southeastern Europe. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo. There are three official languages in the country: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. With the population of 3.5 mln, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks number 135 in the list of world countries. 

Education and culture: Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich education tradition. The first higher education institution in the country was founded in 1531. As a modern higher education institution, Sarajevo University has been operating since 1940. Bosnia and Herzegovina's culture remained as part of the Ottoman Empire for a very long time. The most well-known writer from Bosnia is Nobel Prize-winning writer Ivo Andrić. World-renowned Goran Bregović, Hari Mata Hari, Dino Zonić, and Maya Sar were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Sarajevo Film Festival has been held since 1995.

Sports: The most popular kinds of sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina are volleyball, football, handball, tennis, and basketball. After gaining independence, it debuted at the Barcelona Summer Olympics and Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games. Together with Albania, Bosnia is one of the two countries that doesn't hold any Olympic medal, being a non-dwarf country.  In recent years,  thanks to the success of Mirza Teletović, Nihad Dedović, and Yusuf Nurkić, basketball has won popularity in the country. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the world champion of the 2004 and 2012 Paralympic Volleyball.


Our next 'Twinned School' owns a fascinating history. The Intellect School-Lyceum № 49 was founded in 1929 and is known with its extensive library. The famous "Our Teacher, Jabish" movie was also filmed at this School.
The students of School-Lyceum, Nihat Abdullayev and Sabuhi Mammadov, have already won awards at several international tournaments in kickboxing and boxing. During the Allocation Draw, the School-Lyceum № 49 was honoured to cooperate with Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of OCEP 2019.

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Address: A. Nasirov Street 5