Twinned schools

School № 193

Country Fact Sheet: Azerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Its capital and biggest city is Baku. The official language is Azerbaijani. With the population over 9.9 mln, Azerbaijan is 91st in the world ranking.

Education and Culture: Secondary school education in Azerbaijan consists of three levels: primary, general secondary, and full secondary; and usually they start attending primary schools at the age of 6. Political and military events happening in this region, as well as its location at the crossroads between East and West, have shaped peculiar Azerbaijani culture. Mugham, Ashiq performance art, Nowruz holiday, carpet-weaving, national musical instrument – tar, Chovgan game played on Karabakh horse, kelaghayi, Lahij copper craftsmanship, lavash-cooking tradition and other elements are on the list of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The most outstanding literary figures from Azerbaijan are Nizami Ganjavi, Mohammad Fuzuli, Molla Panah Vagif, Huseyn Javid, Jafar Jabbarli, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, and Mirza Fatali Akhundov.

Sports: Wrestling is considered to be a traditional sport in Azerbaijan. This South Caucasian country first participated at the Olympics as an independent nation in 1996, Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. Azerbaijan, together with the UK, is the country showing better results year by year. The 2019 Summer European Youth Olympic Festival will be held in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. 



 Let's get acquainted with the next School representing the Olympic values and Olympism! Secondary School № 23 named after Tahir Hasanov is also one of the schools selected by the Olympic Culture and Education Program. It's worth noting that within OCEP 2019, the School № 23 has been twinned with Yabluniv Lyceum, located in Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine. First Lady and Vice President of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva, and distinguished politician, Vafa Guluzade, have also graduated from this School.

Phone: (012) 493 06 02


Address: Nasimi district, 28 May st. 16

One of the main goals of OCEP 2019 is to have a better understanding of the culture of member countries.
Within the framework of the Olympic Culture and Education Program, schoolchildren will collaborate with their European peers. 
Our next selected educational institution is Secondary School № 1. The School building was founded in 1897, and the first ever secular all-girls school in the Muslim East was settled in this building as well.
Famous film director, Eldar Guliyev and outstanding physicist, Lev Landau, are among well-known graduates of this School. 

It's worth noting that School № 1 has been twinned with the Czech Republic's Jiří Guth-Jarkovský Gymnasium.

Adress: L. Tolstoy Street 187

Mob: (+994) 594-28-94

Web site:

Thanks to OCEP 2019, Secondary School № 162 will be able to discover Europe from a new side.
The building of the School was founded by the Baku millionaire, Murtuza Mukhtarov.
‘LEGO: Education Robots’ pilot projects are successfully implemented at this educational institution.
As a result of the Allocation Draw held at the National Olympic Committee on February 6, the Secondary School № 162 was twinned with the Julius-Janosis Gymnasium located in the city of Šiauliai, Lithuania.
It's worth noting that Zakaria Fadel, 9th-grade student, and Eljan Agajanov, 7th-grade student, have already taken decisive steps in boxing and judo successively. We wish the School lots of luck!

Mob: (+994) 581-30-35

Elektron poçt:

Address: O. F. Nemanzade street 15

One of the positive aspects of the Olympic Culture and Education Program is the fact that our schools represent European countries within the framework of the project. We present you the schools that will cooperate with the European ones. 
Our next school is the Elite Gymnasium named after Ilyas Afandiyev. The Gymnasium has been operating since 2002 on the basis of Nasimi District Secondary School № 41, by Order of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. The education process in the Gymnasium is provided in two languages: Azerbaijani and Russian.

Call: (012) 493 27 60

Address: Uzeyir Hacibeyov 49, Baku, Azerbaijan

It's not said in vain that science and culture are the Sun, and school is the place where the Sun rises. One of the schools that will make Europe hear its voice is the School-Lyceum Complex of Baku Slavic University. 
School and Lyceum Complex of BSU is the first of those new-type educational institutions in Azerbaijan. The graduates of the School-Lyceum Complex have been admitted to prestigious universities in the US, England, Russia, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, and other countries. The students of the Complex are actively involved in sports competitions.
Within OCEP 2019, the School-Lyceum Complex of BSU was twinned with Don Bosco Gymnasium in Unterwaltersdorf, Austria.

Address: Suleyman Rahimov, 145, Baku, Nasimi, AZ1014

Call: (+994 12) 594-13-51, (+994 12) 594-41-75,

The next educational institution participating in the OCEP is School-Lyceum № 83. Within the Program, the School-Lyceum was twinned with Oded High School located in Kadima-Tzoran, Israel. Here are the highlights from the event dedicated to Israel.

Call: 561-63-66


Address: I. Dadashov str., 91

Olympic Culture and Education Program is of great importance in terms of exchange of experience among schools. Secondary Music School named after Bülbül is one of the participants of OCEP 2019.
The School was founded in 1921. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Russian Federation, Polad Bülbüloğlu and prominent composer, Qara Qarayev are in the list of graduates of this School.
Within the framework of OCEP 2019, Secondary Music School named after Bülbül has been twinned with Pascal Greek School located in Nicosia, Cyprus.


Address: Baku, Ahmed Javad Street, 9

Call: 012 492 61 69, 012 492 76 59

'Let's learn values!' sports event was held at School № 164 in connection with Olympic Culture and Education Program. The students first demonstrated their achievements in local and international competitions; later, they participated in different sports activities. Vasif Jafarzadeh, the 5C grade student of the Secondary School № 164, ranked 1st in kickboxing during the IV International Karate Festival held in Astara, the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Within OCEP 2019, School № 164 was twinned with Francisk Skorina Gymnasium № 1 in Minsk, Belarus.

Phone: (+994) 440-16-63


Address: S. Rustam street 31

School № 111 is another educational institution participating in OCEP 2019. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, three teachers of the School were declared ‘The Best Teacher of the Year’.
As a result of the Allocation Draw, School № 111 was twinned with Dobri Voynikov School № 35 located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
It's worth noting that School № 111 is proud of its over 30 students who have succeeded in various kinds of sports. We wish the School good luck in every step they take!

Phone: (+994) 431-39-89


Address: 4th Street, January 20th Street

During the English class, within the Olympic Culture and Education Program, the seventh-graders of School-Lyceum № 220 prepared in-depth research and presentation about Andorra: its geography, symbols, and fauna. Kahoot Online Assessment tool was used to show students how well they are aware of the history and symbols of the Olympic Games. Each student logged in to '' website by using tablets and joined the 'Olympic Games: School-Lyceum № 220' quiz.

Phone: (+994) 422-14-56


Address: 120a E. Suleymanov str

‘The success gained in life – we owe it to school and teachers.’ Secondary School № 189-190 is the next selected educational institution in the framework of OCEP 2019.  We are proud to announce that a 2A grade student of the Secondary School № 189-190, Raul Safaraliyev, was chosen as the winner of the 8th European Karate Championship held in Batumi. We are sure that the School guided by the ‘Every day, every hour, every moment towards perfection’ motto, will leave an unforgettable mark within OCEP 2019

Excitement, competitive spirit, and joy!
We have experienced all these emotions thanks to School № 242 that was earlier twinned with Malta.
Have a look at the photos and take a chance to plunge into the school atmosphere.

Phone: (+994) 376-25-94


Address: Nakhchivanski Street 26

One of the positive aspects of the Olympic Culture and Education Program is the fact that our schools represent European countries within the framework of the project. We present you the schools that will cooperate with the European ones. 
Let's get to know them! Our next school is the Educational Complex № 132-134. For the first time in Azerbaijan in 2007, International Educational Complex focused on the in-depth study of the French language, was established at the Educational Complex № 132-134.

Address: Baku city, Sabail district, Istiglaliyyat street, 33 A Contact number

Tel: 012 4922732


One of the positive aspects of the Olympic Culture and Education Program is the fact that our schools represent European countries within the framework of the project. We present you the schools that will cooperate with the European ones.
Let's get acquainted with them. Our first school is Baku European Lyceum. Established in 1991, Baku European Lyceum has the highest ranking according to the number of students getting admission to universities in Azerbaijan.

Address: Rostropovich, 37, Baku, Yasamal, AZ100

Phone: (+994 12) 497-10-81



The School-Lyceum Complex № 200, which cooperates with Russia within the OCEP 2019, has already started to implement relevant activities. We wish the students good luck!

School № 171 has launched its #OCEP2019 activities. Within the Program, #School № 171 represents #Slovenia. At the event dedicated to Slovenia, the presentation on culture, sports achievements, and history of the country were demonstrated.

Phone: (+994) 372-98-67


Address: Ahmedli settlement, Neapol street 8

School № 60 has joined #OCEP2019. Within the Program, the School is going to cooperate with Iceland. During the class, the students have received extended information on the ancient history of Iceland, its traditions and prominent personas.

Phone: 436-96-86


Address: M. Mukhtarov street 205

School № 238 is one of the participants of #OCEP2019. School represents #Georgia within the Program. Today's event was dedicated to the achievements of students. The presentation about the culture and sports accomplishments of Georgia and #Azerbaijan was made at the end of the event.

Phone: (+994) 421-30-18


Address: A. Kürçaylı street 70

As you know, within the framework of the Olympic Culture and Education Program, our twinned schools will be operating as a bridge between Europe and Azerbaijan in the field of culture and education.

Secondary School № 18 named after a great Azerbaijani poet, Mikayil Mushfig - is one of these schools.

It's particularly noteworthy that the Secondary School № 18 has already taken the initial steps to gain a better understanding of the culture, history, national and modern sports of the European country they were earlier twinned with.

We sincerely believe that our school will continue its active participation in the presentation of Azerbaijani culture, art, and sports.


Phone: (+994) 594-50-31


Address: Sh. Gurbanov Street 6/10

Our next 'Twinned School' owns a fascinating history. The Intellect School-Lyceum № 49 was founded in 1929 and is known with its extensive library. The famous "Our Teacher, Jabish" movie was also filmed at this School.
The students of School-Lyceum, Nihat Abdullayev and Sabuhi Mammadov, have already won awards at several international tournaments in kickboxing and boxing. During the Allocation Draw, the School-Lyceum № 49 was honoured to cooperate with Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of OCEP 2019.

Phone: 491-23-77


Address: A. Nasirov Street 5

Our next educational institution is the Arts Gymnasium of Azerbaijan National Conservatory.
One of the advantages of the Gymnasium is its pedagogical staff that consists of the country's most prominent art figures. Elmira Rahimova, Ayaz Salayev, and Amina Yusifqizi are among leading figures from the world of arts who used to teach at the Gymnasium.
It's worth noting that as a result of the Allocation Draw within OCEP 2019, the Arts Gymnasium will cooperate with Ireland.

Address: Mikayil Mushfiq, 66, Baku, Yasamal, AZ1073

Phone: (+994 12) 510-49-05, (+994 12) 539-21-06


Teachers and students of the School-Lyceum № 6 named after Tofig Ismayilov have also begun contributing to OCEP 2019.
An instructive lesson on the topic of 'King or Parliament in England' was held at the School. Students have researched the history of England and shared their knowledge on this subject.
The students, who made presentations and handicrafts, tried to take an active part in the lesson and demonstrate their abilities.

Address: Shovkat Alakbarova, 35, Baku, Sabail, AZ1000

Phone: (+994 12) 492-22-21


Olympic Culture and Education Program has been presented to students at the Secondary School № 44 that cooperates with Liechtenstein within the project. Before the presentation, a team of specific students had been created. The team members consist of talented students including painters, sportspeople, musicians, programmers, and others. The purpose of creating a team is to promote culture and sports, as well as the Olympic movement among schoolchildren.

Phone: (+994) 594-09-03


Address: Sh. 108 Azizbekov str

Hello, Switzerland!
Another participant of the Olympic Culture and Education Program is Secondary School № 7 named after Mammad Rahim. Cooperating with Switzerland within the Program, the School is pleased with being part of OCEP 2019 and wishes every success to all participating countries.

Phone: (+994) 493-00-06


Address: Ü. 28, Hajibeyov str

Lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva sends their kindest regards to all the participants of OCEP 2019.
The Lyceum is one of the active participants of the Olympic culture.
The Lyceum's 9-R2 grade student, Sara Aydamirova, has been engaged in fencing since 2014. Her first success was during the 2014 Republic Championship among Youth, when she managed to get 3rd place. In 2018 she ranked first in the Republic Championship.
It's worth noting that within OCEP 2019, the Lyceum has started cooperating with San Marino.

Address: Baku AZ-1141; H.Cavid Avenue, 253th block

Phone: (+994) 12 510 85 14


Let's get acquainted with the next school that will take part in cultural events with its European peers!
Secondary School № 42 named after Ilgar Abilhasanov has been functioning since 1930. In the academic year 2010-2011, Secondary School № 42 was awarded the title of 'Best General Education School' by Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Ilhamiyya Rzayeva, a well-known journalist, producer, and film director, is among the graduates of this School. 
As a result of the Allocation Draw within OCEP 2019, the School was twinned with Moldova.

Phone: (+99412) 440-60-81


Address: Bakı Mir-Qasımov 6.

The 'Olympians' of School-Lyceum № 20 named after Arif Huseynzadeh are preparing for their first large-scale sports festival.The School-Lyceum cooperates with Spain within the framework of the #OCEP as part of Baku 2019 European Youth #Olympic Festival.
We are pleased to share with you the highlights from the exhibition called 'Hi, #Spain!' and the photographs of students who have succeeded in various sports disciplines.

Phone: (+994) 564-68-23


Address: Parliament Avenue 7/11

Ulvira Rustamli, the 8B grade student of Technical-Humanitarian Lyceum № 2 which had earlier been twinned with #Monaco within #OCEP2019, took 1st place at the Master Cup International Tournament held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of #Iran. In connection with her victory, Ulvira has been awarded the Honour Certificate by Colonel General Elchin Guliyev, the Chief of the State Border Service of the Republic of #Azerbaijan. We are proud of our student's achievements!

Phone: (+994) 492-45-32


Address: B. Sardarov Street 24

Participants of the Olympic Culture and Education Program are becoming active with each day.
The students of School № 17 have organised an open lesson dedicated to the Republic of North Macedonia. During the English class, they made a special presentation about North Macedonia and later prepared handicrafts referring to the country mentioned above. 

Phone: (+994) 374-79-91


Address: Ahmedli settlement, Q. Nabi street, 6a

School № 19 sends special greetings to all the participants of OCEP 2019. 
We wish lots of luck to every #school participating in the Program.

Phone: (+994) 569-62-71


Address: A. Mustafayev Street 12

The students of School № 158, which is cooperating with #Italy  within OCEP 2019, send their kindest regards to all the participants!

Phone: (+994) 432-50-96


Address: A. Abbasov Street 6

Telefon: 421-24-07


Ünvan: Özbəkistan küçəsi 3

In connection with OCEP 2019, School № 193 held an integrated lesson on physical education and history with the participation of 5Ç grade students. The school students portraying the official mascots of EYOF Baku 2019, Jirtdan the little boy and Babir the Caucasian leopard were among special guests of the lesson.
Later, as a continuation of the lesson, the students were engaged in sports on the pitch located in front of the Baku Convention Center. The honorary student of the School, the young champion in karate, Majlis Mamoyev, also participated in the lesson.
We are proud to announce that School № 193 is representing #Azerbaijan within #OCEP2019.

Phone: (+994) 567-99-44


Address: H. Mammadov str

School № 10 has also joined #OCEP2019. As a result of the draw, the school represents #Turkey and is twinned with Istanbul's 'Büyükçekmece' School. An appropriate event was held at the school. During the event, the teams 'Land of Fire', 'Unity', 'Lion', and 'Eagle' presented their performances. The race passed with great enthusiasm. All participants were awarded a diploma.

Phone: (+994) 570-41-20


Address: I. Mammadov str.

Phone: 490-41-77


Address: F. Bayramov street 10

Phone: (+994) 421-64-48


Address: Q. Garayev Str. 73b

Phone: (+994) 550-83-02


Address: City Highway, Bend 6

Phone: (+994) 421-55-88


Address: Nasimi Street 34

Phone: (+994) 564-89-41


Address: F. Khoyski St. 117

Phone: (+994) 424-93-20


Address: NZS settlement, X. Safarov street 18

Phone: (+994 569-04-94)


Address: Azadlig Avenue 183

Phone: (+994 433-78-17)


Address: Bunyadzade Str

Phone: (+994 440-21-02)


Address: S. Rahman Street 34

Phone: (+994) 562-78-65


Address: Nakhchivani Street 38

Phone: (+994) 490-21-20


Address: Y.Safarov Street 7

Address: Baku city, Khatai district

Tel: (012) 490 64 80

Address: Mazahir Rustamov, 39, Baku, Khatai, AZ1142

Phone: (+994 12) 375-60-80, (+994 12) 375-60-50

Address: Аcademician H. Aliyev Street 45

Phone: +994 12 440-91-92

Phone: (+ 994 496-28-37)


Address: Shikhaliyev Street 13

Participants of the Olympic Culture and Education Program are becoming active with each day.
The students of School № 17 have organised an open lesson dedicated to the Republic of North Macedonia. During the English class, they made a special presentation about North Macedonia and later prepared handicrafts referring to the country mentioned above. 

Phone: (+994) 374-79-91


Address: Ahmedli settlement, Q. Nabi street, 6a

The Yabluniv Lyceum, Ivano-Frankivsk region, winner of the 2018 All-Ukrainian Schoolchildren Sport Event "Olympic Stork”.

Yabluniv Lyceum 54 Franko str. v. Yabluniv Kosivsky district Ivano-Frankivsk region 78621, UKRAINE.

Director Mr. Mykhailo KLYMYUK,

Mob: +380634592357

Contact Person: Mrs. Olha TKACHUK – teacher of English


Mob: +38 097 52 045 26

Skype: olia_tkachuk2012

Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Contact Person: Katarína Nová (also a member of the Czech Committee of Pierre de Coubertin)


Embassy of the Czech Republic in Baku


Embassy of Latvia in Azerbaijan

ADDRESS: Praça Luís de Camões, 4490-441 Póvoa de Varzim | Porto

Olympic Education Team: Rita Nunes ( or Joaquim Videira ( )

CONTACT TEACHER: Amilcar Ramos Teacher



PHONE NUMBER: +351 252 600 550


Embassy of Portugal in Azerbaijan

Call: 02254 72313

Elektron poçt:


Founding Date: 26. April 1914

SCHOOL CONTACT PERSON: Mrs. Avigal Sussman Number: +972-98-875-548 / +972 50-264-6319


Address: Ha-vradim, 38 kadima-tzoran City: Kadima-tzoran

Adress: 177, Kopegchagis Street, 2306 Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus 

Responsible Person: Mr. Marios Kalapodas (Senior Master, Head of Athletic Section)

Tel: 22509000,

Fax: 22509510 / 22509520


Director: Bushnaya Natalia Vladimirovna

Call: +375296574511


School Cotact Person: Mrs. Mila Aceva


Contact Person: Nina Jovan (Sport programme expert)

Address: 38, Chavchavadze av.

Program Coordinator: Mrs. Nino Kodua, Deputy

Director e-mail:

Tel: (+995) 599 595912505

Address: Chester Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 2LD

Address: Jovana Serbanovica 10

City: Pozarevac

Contact Person: Ivana JOKSIMOVIC

Mobile: +381 63 7760688


Phone: +381 12223371

Contact person: Süleyman Yaylaoğlu,

Phone: +90 542 357 7057



Contact Person: Mrs. Natalia MORONI

MOBILE PHONE : +30 6944187004

Private e-mail address:

Contact Person: Eda Caushi/ Director of Albanian Olympic Academy
Email: eda.caushi@nocalba

Contact Person: Lilla Szijj (

Contact Person: Mr. Dorin STOICAN

Mobile: (0040) 723 654 321


Rector: Veera Toivonen
Phone: 044 701 5135

Address: Selska cesta 119, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Contact person: Lucija Zadelj, psychologist

Adress: 228 Blagoja Toska, 1200 Tetovo


Phone: (+389) 44 333 557

+389 70 329 979

+389 70 755 007